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RELEASES 1992 - 1998

Oriental Delegation - Mind of Memories (See Saw Records)
Spiritual child - Freaks of XTC EP (Goblins Records)
Spiritual Child - When i was young EP (Goblins Records)
Spiritual Child - Satan's ritual (Spc Music)
Spiritual Child - Mother Fuckin'Junkie (Goblins Records)
Spiritual Child - And it Goes like (Goblins Records)
Stravaganza - Code 007 (80 AUM Records)
Spiritual Child & DJ PAVO - Dick's and Bitches (DHYM)
Savannah - Ma de so ne (Paraphrase Records)
Stravaganza - Whitelove EP (Mutant)
Stravaganza - Gunfight (80 AUM Records)
SPC Hardcode - Original (Spc Music)
C3PO - 10 Six Sex (See Saw Records)
C3PO - Entity of a Revolution (See Saw Records)
C3PO - Emotional Experience (See Saw Records)
C3PO - DTG ken (Spc Music)


RELEASES 2017 - 2019

Dona King - Deeper (Allan Folt)
Dona King - The shadows (Allan Folt)
Dona King - Blackmoon (Allan Folt)
Dona King - Case 7 (Allan Folt)
Dona King - Deeper (UA Records)
69 Starfighter & Dona King - Higher Journey (UA Records)
69 Starfighter & Dona King - Burned Out! (Allan Folt)
Dona King & 69 Starfighter - Moonboy (Hotsenses Records)
Dona King & 69 Starfighter - Dark X-Mass (UA Records)
Dona King & 69 Starfighter - Premonition (Allan Folt)

Dona King & 69 Starfighter - Robots (Allan folt)

Dona King & 69 Starfighter - Acid Funk (Allan folt)

Cinema Airport & Puk Bannov - Can you feel my love (ALLAN FOLT)
Cinema AirPort - Rotating Minds (ALLAN FOLT)
Cinema Airport- Shockwaves
Cinema Airport & Marcella Braccia - Carbonize
Cinema Airport - Human (ALLAN FOLT)
Cinema Airport - Cayman (UA Records)
Cinema Airport - Berlin (UA Records)
Cinema Airport - Resonanz (UA Records)
Cinema Airport - Airmoves (UA Records)
Cinema Airport - Megaboy (UA Records)

Cinema Airport feat. Darren Smith - Equal

7 RAINY DAYS - Burning man

7 RAINY DAYS - Join me naked

Marcella Braccia - Avamea (ALLAN FOLT)
Marcella Braccia - Clarity (ALLAN FOLT)
Marcella Braccia & Allan Folt - Subfaces (ALLAN FOLT)

TECHNOCAT - I control your mind (ALLAN FOLT)
DINORYDER & Boy Shelter - Loco Brazil (Peppa Joe)
DINORYDER - The Arrival (Peppa Joe)





69 Starfighter - Achtung (Cinema Airport Remix)     (Allan Folt)

Audial Arts - Elephant (Cinema Airport remix)     (Allan Folt)
Marshall Masters - Don't touch that stereo (Spiritual Child Remix) PCP
Noise - Scotland the rave, Guess Who!?!? Terrortime mix) EMI
Bodyparts - Love in the first degree (Spiritual Child Hardcore mix) EMI
Bodyparts - Without You (Spiritual Child & Madman's mix) EMI
Groove Yard - Don't you tell me (Spiritual Child mix)
R. Wagner This is Madness - Holoturoidea (SPC mix) DOM Records


Dona King's bestsellers


- CINEMA AIRPORT - Megaboy        +30k downloads / +160k streams

- DONA KING - The shadows     +8k downloads / +80k streams