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Cinema Airport is a collaboration between Dona King & 69 Starfighter with an other and rougher Techno sound than usual.
Their first techno hit was "Resonanz",  and the greatest hit was  "Megaboy"




Cinema Airport - Berlin (ALLAN FOLT) 
Cinema Airport - Resonanz (ALLAN FOLT) 
Cinema Airport - Airmoves (ALLAN FOLT) 
Cinema Airport - Megaboy (ALLAN FOLT) 
Cinema Airport - Cayman (ALLAN FOLT) 
Cinema AirPort - Rotating Minds (ALLAN FOLT)
Cinema AirPort - Human (ALLAN FOLT)
Cinema   AirPort & PUK BANNOV - Can you feel my love (ALLAN FOLT)

Cinema Airport -  Equal (ALLAN FOLT)  

Cinema Airport -  Shockwave (ALLAN FOLT) Previously unreleased



69 Starfighter - Achtung (Cinema Airport Remix)   (Allan Folt)
Audial Arts - Elephant (Cinema Airport remix)   (Allan Folt)

Sosta Nomag - Derivates  (Cinema Airport Remix)   (Allan Folt) Previously unreleased




CINEMA AIRPORT - Kenny gets cold    Previously Unreleased